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Susie Clayton

For years, I’ve supported management and leaders that have told me “You’ve got a lot on the ball!” I have left positions better than I found them before promoting to the next level. I am a person who picks up the loose ends and brings order to chaos. I anticipate what folks need before they ask and I keep calm in the midst of the storm.

The next level for me now is sharing my administrative expertise with solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and consultants who are getting bogged down in the weeds. Those that are trying to navigate towards their core competencies — doing what they do best — but are stuck… because day-to-day details are holding them back from reaching that goal.

Let’s go over what kind of struggles you face right now and figure out how I can help you to delegate some of the administrative stuff that you really don’t like or have sufficient time to do – so that you can do the things that you get really excited about! Let’s get started!


“I have been working with Susie for several years now and have witnessed her meticulous work ethic  and devotion to getting things done right the first time. I would recommend her and her company to anyone looking for fast, efficient and quality support.” – Michael Fiscus


Michael Fiscus, CEO LakeHawk Technologies