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Hair Salon Facebook Package

Busy Salon Owners and Stylists know that Facebook is a key component of their marketing strategy and don’t want to fall behind the curve. Facebook is on the verge of having Two Billion users, therefore your customers are definitely using Facebook! Don’t miss out on maximizing Facebook for your benefit!

blond beachy sample
Sample Custom Graphic with your branding added

I am offering an affordable monthly Facebook Management Package that includes the following awesomeness:

1. Free initial 30-minute consultation to discuss branding, color and font choices. Can be via Skype or in person.

2. Monthly 15-minute conversation to review the previous month and ideas for the upcoming month.

3. Create an initial digital graphic/flyer for you to engage your customers in store. This encourages your customers to like your page, leave reviews, or post selfies of their new look, therefore increasing the traffic on your Facebook business page!

Monthly package includes:

• Posting Monday through Friday for a total of 20-23 days per month, starting on the first Monday of the month.

• 1 post per day for each of the weekdays
     Monday – Graphic
     Tuesday – Article
     Wednesday – Graphic
     Thursday – Article
     Friday – Graphic

• I will engage with audience by providing questions/polls for them to answer and in addition, will interact with and alert you if you need to follow up.

• I will create 4 customized and uniquely branded graphics per month for your Facebook page and apply hashtags. These are yours to keep – you can use these graphics on other forms of social media such as Instagram or Twitter.

• You will provide 8-10 photographs per month of customer hairstyles, nail designs and / or makeup designs (and provide preferred wording – simple description of what is being featured, possibly customer first name) and I will edit if necessary and apply hashtags. Customers will enjoy being featured on your site, and will likely share with their friends!

• I will curate 8-10 articles (or post articles or product reviews that you provide) and apply hashtags. It may mean more product sales for you if customers can read about the products that you offer in your shop.

Promotion for your salon/services for only $89.00 per month!

Contact me today so that we can get you started on making your Facebook business page SHINE!



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In-Person Networking for Beginners… Especially for Introverts! Part 2

One of the things you can do as a “new networker” is explore different kinds of networking groups. A good place to start is on Facebook or Do a search on Facebook for “(insert your city here) entrepreneur”. Many networking groups maintain a Facebook page, and if what you find isn’t necessarily a group that meets, you can certainly make a general post asking people about local networking groups.

Same with – search in business, entrepreneurs or even women empowerment.

There are some high level, well organized networking groups such as Le Tip or BNI. These have a somewhat steep membership fee, a weekly fee around $20.00, and they lock out competition, meaning if they accept you, you will be the only one in your field or occupation to be in that group. They also require you to bring and share leads. There is quite a lot of pressure to do this – it is a requirement of joining the group. Also, you are expected to attend every week. If you can’t attend, you are expected to find a substitute. For that reason, I am not ready for that kind of a networking group, because I don’t think my still small network would be of value to that group, nor do I want to spend that kind of money to join. However if someone invites you to tag along as a guest, go for it! You can go to two meetings as a guest, and in the case of BNI, you can go as a substitute for a member. That’s what I did.

I have found a couple of groups here in Las Vegas that are more low-key than the BNI-type groups, and much less expensive. You can certainly share leads and you might be the vehicle to introduce someone to someone else as a referral, but it is not mandatory – it is just a naturally occurring aspect of what networking really is.

Remember, the people you meet may not become your client, but they become a connection, and connections are who connect you to the people who will eventually become your client.


Try to remind yourself that everybody you see as you enter into the networking group was a newbie once, just like you. Be prepared, bring lots of business cards, SMILE, practice your elevator pitch in the car before you get there and look for the person who looks lost and you will be able to settle right in.

Here are some sites to help you with your elevator pitch if it needs some work:

From The Balance
YouTube Video from Michael Hyatt
From Sabre

If you are a new networker like me, I would love to hear about your networking experiences in the comments section. I hope you will take a deep breath and put yourself out there. It’s an opportunity to learn a lot about being an entrepreneur, to meet like-minded people, hear about products and services you might not have otherwise thought about or known where to find, as well as developing relationships with your future customers and clients.

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In-Person Networking for Beginners… especially for Introverts! Part One

One of the best ways to find new clients is to attend networking events in your local area. Sounds easy enough, right? You find a event, you sign up, you attend. No big deal. What if you are an introvert who struggles in social settings, especially when you don’t know a soul? For me, the anticipation of stepping into a room with lots of vivacious, chatty people makes my chest feel tight, makes my awkward meter feels like it’s going to go through the roof, and for some crazy reason I feel like cotton-mouth sets in and that I’m going to trip all over my tongue. So why do I put myself through this?

Let me tell you why.

One, the obvious. The more eyeballs I can get in front of and the more people I can connect with, the better chance I have of finding that person who is interested in what I have to offer. Facebook is great, reaching out to people online is a viable option, but connecting with someone face to face is a great start to developing a relationship with somebody. You can get a much better feel as to whether or not you “click” with this person – and whether or not it’s someone you’d like to get to know better , even if they don’t become one of your customers. They may never become a client, but they may become a friend.

Another reason – these people get “it”. They understand all about this crazy thing we do when we quit a reliable job and a steady income. Instead of looking at you with a raised eyebrow, they can be your biggest cheerleaders. Verbal high fives and encouraging comments flow freely in these meetings. It’s like you’ve just discovered your new tribe, that until now, hadn’t realized was out there. In my brief experience of attending networking meetings, people are universally supportive of new entrepreneurs who have made the leap from full-time employment to becoming our own bosses.

So back to my tight chest, cotton-mouth and awkward meter… how do I get around that?

So far my drive to these events have been a minimum of 20 minutes – that car drive is my own private little locker room where I give myself my own pep talk. I turn the radio off, I practice my elevator pitch, I repeat affirmations, whatever it takes to get myself in a more self-confident frame of mind. For some this comes naturally, and for others, like me – it requires some effort but self-confidence can be learned!

Another thing I have found is when I get there a bit early, only a few people have arrived. I feel a little less overwhelmed when the group is small and the atmosphere is calmer and less noisy. I can settle in a little better, and get over those initial butterflies (and they do dissipate, I promise!) than when I show up late and arrive to a deafening chattiness level.

Something else that has really helped is inevitably, there is always somebody who is standing alone, and often it’s somebody who is there for the first time. I muster the courage to approach that person first. More often than not, they are new and I think they’re relieved that somebody else made the first move. When I focus on others, it helps me to forget about my own self-consciousness.

As far as the cotton-mouth problem, I solved that after my first couple of events by making sure I ALWAYS have my water bottle with me. I’m sure it’s just nerves, but by bringing my own drink, it’s one less thing I have to worry about.  And when I do give my elevator pitch, I’ve learned if I slow down just a little, I’m less likely to trip over my words. I try to remember that if I do stumble, my own impression of my flub is magnified x 100 compared to the people who are listening. I promise you they are not sitting there criticizing every verbal morsel that leaves your lips. I know this because a girl I was sitting next to lamented on how badly she did and I honestly thought she did fine. I didn’t pick up on any of the things she was so worried about. If nothing else, this helped me to see that we can over-inflate our shortcomings in our minds.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of In-Person Networking for Beginners… especially for Introverts!

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Empowerment in doing Guy Stuff

As a wife and a mom of 3 sons, I have rarely had to concern myself with mechanical things.

There was usually an available male to take care of that for me.

Fast forward to my empty nest and a husband who is currently 8,000+ miles away and it’s time to get my left brain on and build myself an office chair.
new chair parts_Fotor
No big deal, right? For someone with my lack of mechanical talent, it’s very empowering to be able to do this myself. Not to mention that my $10.00, 40-pound behemoth scavenged from Deseret Industries was giving me severe NBS (Numb-Butt-Syndrome) and attacking the backs of my calves with that big metal ring… they may be semi-permanently bruised…

Anyway, building my Amazon Basics Low-Back Office Chair was relatively painless. In less than 30 minutes I had opened the box and built the chair. I’d been kind of procrastinating and staring at the carton for the past week and now I feel kind of silly about that. It’s really comfortable, my butt isn’t falling asleep anymore (Yay!) and it has 4.5 stars on Amazon Prime (522 reviews) so I’m pretty confident it’s going to be a great chair. It’s lightweight and spins really smoothly. No tools necessary – it includes the hex wrench which is the only tool you need.

Not to go quietly, Big Behemoth gave me one last little poke right in the shin as I was dragging him down the stairs to the curb. Hopefully he can induce buttock numbness on someone else for awhile.

old chair_Fotor

Just a little leap out of the comfort zone today but it almost always feels good once it’s finished. I’d love to hear about your comfort zone off-ramp experiences!


How I am plowing through Startup Anxiety

This little blog post is going out into the universe today; probably not to be read by anyone but me for a while, but the first post can’t be written until fingers actually hit the keyboard, so ready or not, here I come.  Why might the first post I write be about anxiety? Well, let’s face it – I quit a decent, but unfulfilling job 2 weeks ago and I am technically unemployed. Unemployment has a tendency to make one anxious. It wasn’t an impulsive decision, but one I’ve rolled around in my brain for years… and frankly many months ago I couldn’t see myself doing what I was doing in the long term. So I planned for the change. I got up early and went to bed late in and around work; preparing and planning. I tried to squirrel away cash when I could and am super grateful for a supportive husband who believes in this aspiration of mine to be my own boss. Before I knew it, my last day arrived. And now my safety net is has a big hole in it, and I am fairly nervous about this!
nail biting

That being said, I have been researching strategies for calming myself off the ledge that seem to be working – and lots of intrepid souls have paved the way before me, so there is lots of good information out there to help quell those moments of overwhelm. First and foremost, I need to remind myself that worst case scenarios HAVEN’T HAPPENED YET. That’s the beauty of starting your startup! Dan Zadra said, “Worry is a misuse of imagination.” It is kind of freeing to still be blissfully unaware of difficulties that will probably eventually crop up, but haven’t yet. My imagination can be put to better use with the other tasks at hand.

“Worry is a misuse of imagination.” – Dan Zedra

Something else that has been helpful is to give myself permission to be “Good Enough”. I don’t know if it’s because I’m an oldest child, or motivated by praise, but I am pretty good at raking myself over the coals when I don’t do everything perfectly.  Lisa Evans, writer for Entrepreneur Magazine, says “While there’s nothing wrong with aiming high, perfectionism causes you to look at the world in all-or-nothing, black-or-white terms. This kind of thinking results in exacerbated stress levels and can be debilitating in our working lives. Imagine if you expect your product to be absolutely perfect. It may never make it to market.”

Another strategy that has been positive for me is just deciding to do something, even if it doesn’t feel perfect yet. Blogger Erik Barker writes about this. He says that people who are anxious have a need to control everything in order to reduce stress, “So when you make a decision, your brain feels you have control. And, as I’ve talked about before, a feeling of control reduces stress. But here’s what’s really fascinating: Deciding also boosts pleasure.” Deciding something early on in my business to have in place is way better for me than stressing out about having it perfect before I can move forward to something else. Get it in place and if I want to improve or upgrade, there’s plenty of time for that later.

Lastly, writing down “the thing” that has been freaking me out and examining it closely instead of avoiding it has been super helpful. It almost requires a split personality – I have to look at “the thing” and step out of myself and think about how I would tell one of my kids to handle it. All of the sudden I get all logical on myself and can see things more clearly as they are and not how I imagine them to be.

So to recap –
1. Worst case scenarios haven’t happened yet.
2. It’s ok to be good enough. Don’t wait for perfection in order to start where you are.
3. Make decisions. Circumstances don’t need to be perfect, just decide something, then do it.
4. That thing that is freaking you out? Name it. Look at it. Don’t run away from it. How would you tell a loved one to handle that thing? Tell it to yourself the same way.

Starting a business has been nerve-wracking and exhilarating at the same time, but I keep remembering my why, I take lots of deep breathing breaks; I pick something to work on and don’t allow myself to be paralyzed. Lots of things are new to me, but I’ve done hard things before. This is just a new hard thing with lots of blessings and benefits that being someone else’s employee can’t provide.

If you are reading this today, I would love to hear your strategies or tips for overcoming startup anxiety. Thanks for reading my first blog post!